Our Story

After 6 rounds of treatment, this is me! I had retained about 80 percent of my hair.


Lizzy after 6 rounds

When we realized this process really worked, we became determined to start a company that would not only increase awareness of scalp cooling but also create a system that was more user friendly.



Our Team

Today, Chemo Cold Caps is our passion and livelihood. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and our services are currently available in all 50 states. Our passion is providing a personalized service where you are dealing with real people that really care about you. We strive to provide the best possible service to you throughout the entire process, and our capping specialists are available at any time to answer your text messages and phone calls. We have your utmost privacy in mind and everyone at Chemo Cold Caps is HIPAA Certified.

Rhonda S.
Office Manager

I have been a part of Chemo Cold Caps since the beginning. Lizzy and I have been friends for many years. I have worn many hats with Chemo Cold Caps from designing and sewing the strap and cap system, being a capping specialist and Office Manager. I am enthusiastic about our mission to support women in their journey.

Capping Specialist

I am a survivor and I used the Cold Caps in the summer of 2019. I loved my results so much that I am now a capping specialist. I was hired the summer after my treatments were finished and I’ve been passionate about helping clients ever since.

Lori S.
Capping Specialist

As a long time friend of Lizzy’s, I was part of her support team when she was doing her personal cold capping. My goal is to support clients by being available to talk with them, attend treatments, and help them in their journey any way I can.

Sharon R.
Capping Specialist

I am a wife, mother of 5, and a grandmother to 7! I also run Sweet Tea Creations, which provides toxin-free skin care and cleaning products used on all of our equipment. I came to be a Capping Specialist after Lizzy asked me to come on board, as I was on her capping team when she was being treated. I have enjoyed meeting new people all over the country and providing assistance.

The Chemo Cold Cap system provides everything you see pictured
Chemo Cold Caps provides a scalp cooling system. Hair loss prevention is not guaranteed and Individual results may vary. Combining this treatment with other established measures is recommended for the best possible outcome. As with any supplementary medicinal treatment, you should consult with your doctor before using this product.
All employees HIPAA Certified.