Amanda | 12 rounds of treatment

Tomorrow is my last chemo and I still have most of my hair and want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your product, support, clear instructions and encouragement.  
You do good work, in so many ways. Going through treatment has been hard, and doing my own cold caps was challenging, but I’d do it again if I had the choice. On the worst days, it made me feel better to still have my curly, bushy ponytail.
All my friends and family, every time I saw them, told me how great I looked and couldn’t believe how well I was doing. I think a lot of that was because of cold capping, as it allowed me to maintain some semblance of self.
Thank you and keep up the great, meaningful work you do.

Katherine | 8 rounds of treatment

I was introduced to Chemo Cold Caps during my 2nd diagnosis with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I was delighted to find out that there was a possibility to keep my hair through this round of chemo. Using the cold caps is easy once you go through that first round and the benefits outweigh the additional work and steps for using the cold caps. This time through Chemo, no one knew I was sick by looking at me. This time I didn’t experience stares in the grocery store or unexpected questions or conversations from strangers. I found that keeping my hair this time was mentally beneficially, not only for me but also for my two young sons who already had to deal with one round of chemo and mommy looking ill. I just finished up my 8th round of chemo and gratefully I got to say goodbye to my chemo cold caps.



Tiffany | 4 rounds of treatment

Chemo Cold Caps work! I went thru 4 rounds of Cytoxan and taxotere ..
It takes some work but it works if you work the system.
Thanks so much for this …I have also shared my story on Facebook!









Jennifer | 6 rounds of treatment

First I’d like to say these cooling caps worked well for me! Only basic shedding throughout my 6 rounds of chemo when lightly combing. I washed my hair every three days in lukewarm water using a gentle water spray and a tiny dollop of shampoo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I cut off 24″ of hair awhile before I started because I didn’t want to snag it on anything thinking it would probably become a little weaker anyways. I donated it to “hair we share”. 
My Dr is impressed with how well these worked for me and said she is a believer in these now!  When walking around with your “jiffy pop” hat on I liked to exclaim … “Greetings earthlings, I come in peace!” Gave people a chuckle! Haha!!
Don’t be afraid, you got this! It is hella cold!! Each first time you put a new cap on you will think to yourself whyyyyyyyyy am I doing this, get it off! Get it offff!! Just relax, sit tight ask for a heated blanket and literally chill for 4 to 5 mins until your head is numb and you don’t know it’s even on.         Then the cycle repeats itself throughout your treatment! 


Jennifer | 11 months of treatment

I decided to use Chemo Cold Caps when I had a recurrence of ovarian cancer after a 2 year remission.  The first time I was diagnosed I wasn’t aware of cold caps but heard about them during treatment.  Since my children were older this time, ages 3,6, and 8, I felt like keeping my hair was more important to ensure that we were able to keep at least some “normalcy” during my treatments.  My husband and I researched cold cap companies and after talking to their capper Sandy, we were convinced Chemo Cold Caps was the way to go.  Being a cancer survivor herself and having used their system as a patient, Sandy is very knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable. As an added bonus and because we are in the Dallas area, she came to my first treatment and helped us to get the cold caps started so that we would understand the process and get our questions answered.  Not all cold cap companies offer that kind of personalized attention and it went a long way to reassure us that we were doing it properly. I was really nervous before I started because I was terrified that it was going to be really painful. Thankfully, my hair had grown back thicker after my first rounds of chemo which I think helped but it wasn’t nearly as painful as I expected. The first two caps per session were unpleasant, but not painful and after that I found that my head was so numb they didn’t bother me anymore. Most importantly, I had some shedding but no noticeable thinning of my hair. I followed every rule they gave me and didn’t’ have any issues whatsoever. My hair grew a ton during my 11 months of treatments and I am a true believer in this product and Chemo Cold Caps.


 Sheila | 16 rounds

I got my haircut yesterday Thanks to Chemo Cold Caps…I have hair to cut! I have done 4 AC & 8 Taxols…..only 4 more to go!











Nichole | 6 rounds

I just wanted to send you a couple pictures from my wedding this weekend. My hair stylist did an awesome job covering up my small bald spot on the top of my head. People are always so amazed that I have so much hair while going thru chemo. I have your cold capping methods to thank for it!

Misty | 5 rounds

CCC is worth every penny.  After my illness had taken so much, I feel using CCC was a very sound investment in MYSELF. I felt and feel every time I look in the mirror, Victorious!   I have at least won the hair loss battle.  The people at CCC are just unbelievable! Best customer service ever.



















Abby | 4 rounds

In 2015, a year and a half ago, I was initially diagnosed.  After standard treatment, a strong support system, prayer and the grace of God, I went into remission.  At that time I had never heard of cold caps.  Unfortunately, in 2016, I found out that the condition returned very aggressively and th

is resulted in my becoming very ill.  The doctors indicated that I needed further treatment.  My husband, my heart throb and best friend, knew how important it was for me to retain my hair this time.  He was the one who initially contacted Chemo Cold Caps.

I wanted to share this because this is my second go around.  The first time I went through treatment in 2015 all of my hair fell out, but now, thanks to lots of prayer and the technology behind Chemo Cold Caps (which was funded primarily through the financial support of my family and friends) my hair is actually longer and healthier than before I started treatment!

I did not post pictures the last time I was ill.  However, now I felt I needed to share my experience  because someone out there needs to be encouraged. Please remember God will not give you more than you can handle and He will grant you the desires of your heart. It was my desire to keep my hair this time around not due to vanity, but because publicly I did not want my physical appearance to reflect what I was currently going through in my body.  I wanted to be able to go to the grocery store without everyone saying how sorry they were for me or how young I was to be dealing with this.  I did not want it to appear that my diagnosis was winning!  Thanks to the healing power of Almighty God and cold capping, I was victorious!

I am so grateful to the Lord; to my cold capper Sandy who did my first cap; to my superwoman of a mother who did the subsequent cappings and was amazing every step of the way and to everyone at Chemo Cold Caps who were such a blessing.


Amanda | 12 rounds

I was able to keep all of my hair, and my doctor said that I’m her biggest success using cold caps. She went on to say previous patients who used them still lost noticeable amounts of hair, and I’ve restored her faith in cold caps. I’m so glad I decided to do this.

Thanks to your company for making it happen! I’ve attached a picture from my last treatment last Thursday.  Thank you!









Diane | 12 rounds

I was very fortunate to have the option to save my hair.  There is very little you can control during this process but the decision to “try cold caps” was mine.  I chose this company because they provided everything that was needed.  I only provided my capper friends who traded off days and my husband who tended to the dry ice purchase, which we bought 70/80 pounds (a little muscle required to load in the SUV) the afternoon before each treatment.  Twelve weeks of weekly cold capping is a lot but very doable.  I appreciated their instructions and time scheduling sheets individual to me. It is wonderful to go about your life without looking like a walking billboard for a scary illness.  I did NOT share my situation with everyone in my world, because that too became my choice.  Now that I have completed my treatment, I share a bit more because I was surprised at how many people still had not heard of this option.  Yes, you can endure some procedures and keep most of your hair.  I was one of the lucky ones who did her homework and chose a great company.     Thank you Chemo Cold Caps!



Jennifer | 4 rounds

I was skeptical about the cold caps but decided to give it a try because keeping my hair was very important to me.  I have two young kids and keeping my hair allowed them to see me looking normal and not affected by treatment.

This company was great from the first time I called and made every effort to answer all of my questions.  The materials sent had everything we needed and clear instructions.  I’ve lost about 40% of my hair but no one can tell.  People who saw me during my treatment were amazed I had hair!  It kept a sense of normalcy for me and now I don’t have to go through the growing out phase from bald to having hair again.  This is huge when you are dealing with so much disruption to your life already.   Thank you Chemo Cold Caps!



 Lisa| 16 rounds

This weekend I attended my nieces wedding with my long natural curly hair intact. A friend of the mother-of-the-bride and a survivor herself heard I was going through treatment and thought she was mistaken because of my hair. What a surprise to her and a gift to me. 

I knew very little about cold cap therapy before my diagnosis but my medical team was 100% supportive of pursuing it when I asked about it. My cosmetologist had 4 successful previous clients so she shared information about the cold caps, I went home immediately, filled out the information and Sharon from the company contacted me immediately. The company made the process so easy when nothing in my life at the time seemed easy. You’re bombarded with so much information, have so many questions, and finalizing important decisions. It’s a difficult time. The company did everything to simplify this decision and sent absolutely everything needed in one kit within a few days. 

My capping specialist, Sharon is awesome. She has called to check in on me several times and she’s great if you just need someone to talk to. After a few treatments I was having difficulty getting some cold caps to mold and make contact to the top of my head. I called Sharon to get advice and the company sent three new caps for a better fit immediately. That’s amazing customer service. I feel the company is as invested in preserving my hair as I am. 

My hair has thinned but if you didn’t know me, I don’t think you would realize that I was undergoing treatment. After talking to Sharon at my initial order I decided to be proactive with the capping and I also wear it for one additional hour every day to help protect the hair follicles. I don’t know if it’s helping but it’s definitely not hurting.  I store three caps in my regular freezer between infusions and wear them for 20 minutes before swapping to a new cap. They go on at about -32 Celsius and come off usually somewhere around -1 Celsius. 

I recommend this therapy to anyone willing to follow the protocol. I won’t sugarcoat it, it is challenging but the results I see with my hair is directly related to what my loving husband/capping buddy and I are doing for me. That’s empowering. My doctors are amazed with my hair as they comment on how my rounds guarantees total hair loss for everyone going through it. I’ve got a big team cheering me on. I saved the girls, now I’m saving the curls.

Thank you Chemo Cold Caps!



 | 6 rounds

Not losing my hair allowed me to feel more like “me” and helped me to stay strong and positive during my treatments. I was able to attend graduation events for my three daughters as a proud mother. When my treatments were over, I really feel that not losing my hair helped me to get “back to normal” faster.  The cold caps were easy to deal with and my sessions went by quickly because we were busy with the caps! I feel very fortunate that I was able to find out about and use cold caps – they really worked for me!


Caron  | 6 rounds

Oh boy where do I start?  Chemo Cold Caps rock!

img_38061-1Having a friend tell me about Cold Caps was the best info I ever received.  From the initial contact through the last treatment, I can honestly say that Cold Caps was life-changing. The only people who knew I had a problem were the people I chose to tell. My hair, although slightly thinner, did not miss a beat. I even embraced my gray roots, my reality at 53 years old. The process worked incredibly for me and even my doctors and nurses were amazed. My husband became the “ice-man,” and the capping process made him a busy participant in my care. I recently dyed my hair for the first time and I love the fact that I don’t have to re-grow it again.

Thank you Chemo Cold Caps!

Sincerely,  Caron

Lisa, Dallas TX  |  4 rounds

I’m not vain.  I’m not a beauty queen.  I can get ready in 15 minutes flat.  But I have always considered my hair to be my best feature and I was really struggling with the idea of losing it.  

 That’s when my doctor told me about cold caps.   I’m not going to lie – the expense was overwhelming and the technology was a little scary and seemed too good to be true somehow.  But I jumped on the website, read all that I could find, contacted Lizzy and after speaking with her, felt instantly calmer.

I started my treatment  with probably more than my fair share of hair and ended my treatment the last Wednesday of August with more than half my hair still intact.  Truth be told, other than my closest family and friends – most people can’t tell that I’ve lost any hair at all.  I babied my hair throughout the process,  followed the rules (even when I would have killed to wash my hair and have it colored at the salon!!!), did everything Sharon my capper told us to do and last Friday night, I went to my son’s football game, where my daughter marched with the drill team, with squeaky clean post-treatment hair, without a headscarf and without a worry.

Because of Cold Caps and my Dream Team (who handled all the mechanics of getting the caps on and off on infusion day), no one has to know I am fighting this unless I want them to know.  It’s one less thing I have to worry about.  It gives me back some normalcy in my days.  (I know there are wigs, but I live in Texas and the idea of wearing a wig in 100+° heat was more than I thought I could handle on top of everything else!)

I am so thankful that my doctor was able to point me in the direction of  Cold Caps and I am thankful to Lizzy, Ryan, Rhonda and Sharon at for their help and support throughout my treatment.

Lena  |  4 rounds.

I had heard about cold caps before and with my son’s help we quickly started researching our options.  Everyone there was so knowledgeable and patient in explaining the process to us. We were so impressed by how they made the whole journey so easy by providing all the equipment we needed. The only thing we had to get was the dry ice the night before each treatment.  Changing caps every 25 minutes distracted me and time went by much faster!

I had some shedding but I kept most of my hair. I went for my daily walks, grocery shopping and even to shows and dinner parties without having to explain what I was going through to people I did not want to!

Sandy, my capping specialist was amazing! She was available to talk to on the phone with any question or concern along the way. I am so thankful that I used cold caps and I recommend. Keeping your natural look during treatment helps make it easier to overcome the challenge.

Natalie  |  2 rounds

My doctor said “I have never seen a patient with hair that looks this good at this point in the treatment”   Thank you Chemo Cold Caps!

Natalie M.

Nancy | 4 rounds

I am very happy that I decided to use cold caps and this company is a wonderful partner to have for the process! I had four rounds of treatment and I kept almost all of my hair. I did have some shedding for a few weeks afterward, however nobody noticed that but me. My hairdresser is amazed that I kept my hair and two months after my last treatment said that it is strong and in good shape. There are quite a bit of supplies and equipment necessary for the process and they pulled it all together for me and provided all the instructions and support that I needed. Lizzy and her staff were always available to answer my questions, even last minute questions at the treatment center right before my first treatment! Lizzy has provided many good suggestions throughout this process and recommended a safe cosmetics and hair care line called Beautycounter. I have been using their shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels great.

The only bright spot during all this process is that I have kept my hair. It’s not about vanity for me. It has enabled me to continue looking like myself, and thus feeling more like myself when I come out on the other end. So many times after losing hair, a person’s hair does not look anything like it did before when it finally grows back, and I did not want to go through that. I am so grateful that I found Chemo Cold Caps to help me get through my treatments and save my hair!


Sandra |

My daughter did some research on cold caps and found Chemo Cold Caps. Steve has been nothing but awesome. He was there at each of my 4 treatments, getting us started with changing the caps and giving us the extra support we really needed. Lizzy’s tips really helped as well.  I am thrilled to say that I kept most of my hair. It is wonderful to know that people can’t tell what I’m going through just by looking at me.

I am so thankful to Steve and Chemo Cold Caps and the fact that I didn’t just go along with what my doctor said. I did have an option about whether or not I would lose my hair.


Ann | 4 rounds

I’m happy to say that I saved my hair using this company during treatment. I lost less than 10% of my hair during treatment and was very pleased with the results and the support I had along the way.

When my surgeon told me to try cold cap treatments and recommended that I talk to the navigator for details. Even though I work in the world of breast cancer grants, I’d never heard of such a thing. The nurse navigator said it definitely worked, especially since I was only facing four rounds. She strongly recommended this company as a provider and put me directly in touch with their rep Steve.

Steve was very responsive and walked my husband and me through the process, careful to let us know that it made treatment day a hands-on event but that it is very doable. It helped to get on board with this company as soon as possible to transition to a hair routine that worked during treatments and for several months of recovery. Lizzy’s Tips on the website were very helpful with planning and knowing what to expect.

So many people I have talked to, including survivors, have never heard of this option. I am grateful that I had the option and now have to opportunity to share the positive results with others.


Ann |

stipher1I have a friend who is a pharmaceutical Rep for a doctor. When she found out I was facing this she told me about this company. She had two other friends who had just used these caps and they had retained their hair. I was excited to hear about this option for me. Many times you don’t have many choices concerning treatment but you can manage side effects. I was glad I wouldn’t have to wear hats or itchy wigs to cover up the side effects.

We got the equipment and Steve was very helpful and informative. It was a learning experience at first, and then you got into a groove. My daughter, daughter-in-law and neighbor caught on quickly doing 2 rounds each. It is true that the caps are very cold but not something you can’t do. The constant changing of caps was a distraction from treatment. It is surprising how quickly 20 minutes goes by between caps. I have lost very little hair just the normal loss we all have every day. May hair is 14” long so it would have taken over 2 years to grow back. I don’t have to worry about that now. I feel healthy with a positive attitude when I look in the mirror every day. This helps with my overall recovery. I talk about cold caps all the time to people and recommend them to future patients. My doctor is very supportive and is spreading the word. I am a very lucky person to have discovered this company and hope that others will give them a try.


Laura |

I am very glad that I chose to use the this company during my recent treatment. My doctor recommended six rounds. She then recommended this company. I was excited to know that there was an option that would allow me to keep my hair. Lizzy was very helpful. She met with me personally before my first treatment and not only explained the cold cap process but also what to expect. She came to my first treatment and taught my daughter how to apply the caps. Each time I had a treatment Lizzy contacted me to check on how I was feeling. I completed my treatment three weeks ago and I still have enough hair to style and new growth is appearing. Although my hair has thinned, family, friends and work colleagues say that they cannot tell. I highly recommend Chemo Cold Caps.


Kimberly |

After - about a week and a half post chemo

 I found the Cold Caps website on a Sunday morning and Steve called me within an hour! He answered all of my questions and I decided to go for it and then he and Bill expedited the materials to me as my treatment was the following Thursday. Their customer service has been exceptional. They kept checking on me every week and encouraging me that it was working…and it was!

It is a “distraction” for sure and VERY cold but not as bad as I thought it would be and SO worth it. When I tell them what I went through, they are floored. No one can tell that I went through treatment, I am a medical rep and in and out of doctors offices and it would be very challenging to go in and see customers old and new, wearing some sort of head gear.

The key to getting through this process is minimizing the trauma and moving toward being “carefree” again. Keeping your hair helps you resume some semblance of normalcy sooner than waiting months  for 2 inches of regrowth.


Lynn | 6 rounds

hendricks2When we learned from my doctor that the treatment works, my daughter was the catalyst for making it all happen. She talked to two different providers and we overwhelmingly decided upon Chemo Cold Caps because they provide absolutely everything needed and were so reachable and informative.

They are also very responsive and great to talk to and answered all of our questions throughout the 6 treatments prescribed for me. We felt that Steve was with us every step of the way and are so happy now that my treatments are over and I still have my hair!! One does need a partner in order to do the work of measuring temperature and making the cap changes during treatment. My Husband, Peter, was my “medical angel” and we both felt that the process of timing, changing and applying caps made the infusion go more quickly. 

I am so glad I did this! It allowed me to live my life normally between treatments without wondering when to wear a wig, scarf or going “au naturelle. ” I am  thankful to all the great people at this company for helping make this happen and giving me such a positive outcome.


Sandy | 6 rounds

sandy-1-300x300The Cold Caps made me feel normal because I was able to and still can look in the mirror each day and not be reminded of my treatment. To me, that is huge! I would be bald today without the cold caps. Instead, I still have my hair and I have not had to wear hats, wigs or scarves. This company have made me feel better during a very difficult time.

This company was amazing and they worked great for me! My doctor and staff were amazed. I will be forever grateful to the Cronins for introducing me to the cold caps.


Courtney | 8 rounds

I am thankful to have been in the right place at the right time, I crossed paths with my friend, Denise, a Cold Cap client from last spring, while we were at our sons’ baseball games. We had both been told by mutual friends to connect soon about Denise’s recent Cold Cap experience during  treatment and my recent diagnosis. I anxiously called The Cronins & if you can believe it, within 48 hours Bill was at our first treatment, teaching my husband the full lesson on preparing and implementing Cold Caps.

Was this Cold Cap treatment worthwhile? I say with all honestly, YES.

My husband & I both agreed that in a way the Cold Caps were a “good distraction” & made the treatment days speed right along. It is a mind over matter decision. Do you with- stand this not so comfortable Cold Cap? Is a day of unpleasant coldness to your head worth the peace of mind that you will not be pointed out in the public eye or in your own mirror? Again, my answer is YES.

In looking back after completing (8) treatments, I am grateful to have kept my hair through the use of Cold Caps & fully recommend this process to others. It made a big difference for me to Look-Like-Me throughout my treatments. The preparation & day of cold capping takes time, energy, patience, trust & will power. Being a competitive athlete in my “early years” and having pushed myself through many triathlons & road races within the past ten years definitely helped me conquer this mostly mental but partially physical Cold Cap challenge. I am proud to have been a part of this “trial” with Cold Caps.

If you are reading this & at all “on the fence” with starting Cold Caps, I would be more than happy to answer any questions over the phone or by e-mail.



RT (male) |

As a man, I struggled with the idea that I was being vain, too preoccupied with how I looked rather than focusing on getting better. Then I realized, it was as much about appearance as it was control. I had no control over my diagnosis, no control over my treatment. But I did have control over how I looked and felt. My wife suggested I would feel better if the face I saw in the mirror every morning was my face. And she was right.

With a young child and professional career, I wasn’t interested in becoming the subject of whispers and pity.  Getting all the supplies from one place reduced the anxiety and increased my confidence that I COULD do this. The staff was very supportive and felt as invested in my success as I did. I would recommend their program without hesitation to anyone who could benefit.

I kept my hair, my dignity, and my life. This company helped make that possible.


Chemo Cold Caps provides a scalp cooling system. Hair loss prevention is not guaranteed and Individual results may vary. Combining this treatment with other established measures is recommended for the best possible outcome. As with any supplementary medicinal treatment, you should consult with your doctor before using this product.
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