Designed with you in mind.

Why do we use 6 caps? Because our cooler comes with our patented surgical steel insert specifically designed by us to hold the 6 caps.  This allows them to freeze and refreeze between changes to the correct temperature.  No one else has this-don’t be fooled by copy cat systems saying you need 8!  Our system is the only system that has this insert and the benefit to you is that it keeps your hands away from the dry ice during the capping process.  You will not need to juggle more unnecessary caps packed directly in dry ice.  6 caps are more effective and simpler for you.

Our system provides everything you need and more, we make it simple! The only thing you need is a capping buddy and dry ice. We are committed to making sure you know exactly how to use our system. Before you begin, we provide a capping specialist at no charge to train you, a written reference guide, and a detailed training video to guide you through the process. Your calls, texts, and emails to your capper will be welcomed at any time and answered or returned promptly. 

The Chemo Cold Cap system provides everything you see pictured

The technical answer for how Cold Caps work is vasoconstriction. This means when a patient is wearing a specially designed gel cap cooled to a very low temperature in our cooler (approximately -32 degrees C), the blood vessels to the scalp area become constricted. The caps are changed every 15-25 minutes. Your personalized timesheets will guide you through the process start to finish. We provide our trademarked elastic and Velcro strap system and our exclusive outer insulated cap to help insure your success.

Hair loss prevention is not guaranteed and individual results will vary.  Consult with your doctor about whether cold cap therapy is right for you.

Chemo Cold Caps provides a scalp cooling system. Hair loss prevention is not guaranteed and Individual results may vary. Combining this treatment with other established measures is recommended for the best possible outcome. As with any supplementary medicinal treatment, you should consult with your doctor before using this product.
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